Who We Are

This is a community of HKU Fine Arts and Art History alumni. Studying art history has taught us to see the world differently. Driven by our passion for art and art history, we founded this alumni association. We hope to share our knowledge and inspire others to do more.

Our Mission

HKU Fine Arts and Art History Alumni Association (aka HKU Fine Arts Alumni Association) aims to build and maintain an active alumni network that in the long run promotes art history education in Hong Kong.

HKUFAAA serves as the only official alumni group endorsed by the Department of Fine Arts of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) with the following objectives:

  1. To connect the graduates with the HKU Fine Arts Department (renamed the Department of Art History in 2020) after their study
  2. To provide a platform for sharing ideas and experiences among HKU alumni
  3. To build a better community that is knowledgeable and appreciative of art through education and outreach programmes
  4. To offer gifting opportunities that members and supporters of the Association could identify with and contribute to
  5. To communicate the mission of the Association to other like-minded organizations for collaborative initiatives

Contact Us

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Phone: +88 (0) 12 345 67 00 Phone: +88 (0) 12 545 67 02

Who We Are?

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