Into the Unknown: Young Alumni Sharing on Career

Date: 3 July 2021
Time: 10:30am-12noon
Venue: Online (zoom)

Registration: required, free

Host: Ms. Nicole Fung and Mr. Mike Wong


Alumni speakers:
Dr. Chan Chunwa
 (Assistant Professor, Department of Art History, HKU)
Ms. Madeline Lai (Project Coordinator, Art Museum CUHK)
Ms. Carman Lau (MAAH Administrator, Department of Art History, HKU)
Ms. Erin Li (Assistant Curator, Tai Kwun)
Ms. Angel Yip (Assistant Curator II Chinese Antiquities, Hong Kong Museum of Art)

Graduation is exciting but it may also be daunting. We understand the possible difficulties in getting the very first job in the art field, because we have been through it. Young alumni were invited to share with current and graduating Fine Arts students their unique career path. It was fascinating to listen to all their “complicated stories” as each had explored many different parts of the industry (eg. commercial, non-profit, archival, curatorial, educational, people-based, programme-based, object-based etc). Volunteering, internships, and part-time jobs might not come with fancy titles or promising contract terms at first, but to our speakers, these experiences opened one door after another, and enabled them to figure out who they wanted to be, and eventually added up to make them who they are now.


“All the speakers were packed with information. I especially appreciated the detailed sharings about their daily tasks and their thought processes behind changing from one job to another. Thanks again for organizing this.”

“Thank you for holding the session today! It was nice to see so many people in the industry sharing their experiences… Many of the speakers today are quite established already in the career. Perhaps it would be useful to have some recent graduates to share their job hunting experience… it was very useful to me though, as someone who already have worked a few years and considering to change jobs!”

“It was fun! Thanks for the invitation and organization Nicole! Very smooth and well done! Enjoyed hearing everyone else speak.”