Guided Tour: “Mythologies: Surrealism and Beyond — Masterpieces from Centre Pompidou

This HKMOA exhibition showcases surrealist artworks and archive materials from the Pompidou collection. In the tour, Dr Wyma will tell us more about the context and the discourse of Surrealism, in order to help us situate the exhibits in its own time and observe multiple perspectives. She will also share her thoughts on the curatorial approach and encourage us to think critically with what we see.

Date: 25 June 2021
Time: 10am-11:15am
Venue: Hong Kong Museum of Art

Medium: English

Fee: Free (participants will be responsible for their own entrance fee)
Quota: (subject to the latest social distancing restrictions; first come first served, members with priority)

Registration: required (closed on 12/6/2021)
QUOTA FULL – a confirmation email has been sent to successful registrants

Speaker: Dr. Kathleen Wyma

Dr Wyma is visiting assistant professor at the Department of Art History, The University of Hong Kong. She teaches courses on contemporary global, modern and South Asian art history, among which are FINE2030 Towards the global and FINE2076 The sculptural object in early 20th-century art.

Private Guided Tour: “The Art of Gold, 3000 Years of Chinese Treasures”

This tour will be conducted by Ms Alice Leung , L’ÉCOLE Asia Pacific Education Manager. Participants will learn about the techniques of gold crafting and view rare gold jewelry pieces and ornaments from Shang dynasty to Qing dynasty. All the selected pieces come from the acclaimed Mengdiexuan collection.

Date: 26 June 2021 
Time: 12nn-1pm
Venue: 510A, 5F, K11 MUSEA, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Medium: English/ Cantonese

Fee: Free
Quota: 9 participants (first come first served; members with priority)
Registration: required (closed on 12/6/2021)
QUOTA FULL – a confirmation email has been sent to successful registrants 

Speaker: Alice Leung (L’ÉCOLE Asia Pacific Education Manager)

Private Guided Tour: “Ink City” and “Portals, Stories, and Other Journeys”

This private tour will take place when the museum is closed to the public. Two curators, each speaking on the exhibition that they work on, will guide us through the space. “Ink City” is a feast, showcasing a wide range of art works that challenge the medium ink or the idea of ink art. Collectively they may temper our expectation of what ink can do, or what culture it associates. Next door, “Portals, Stories, and Other Journeys,” literally functions like a portal to the fascinating world of AAA’s Ha Bik Cheun Archive. Archival gems shimmer in the dark. Are you ready for the mine?

Date: 12 July 2021
Time: 4pm-5:30pm

Venue: JC Contemporary, Tai Kwun

Medium: English

Fee: Free
Quota: 20 participants
Registration: required (coming soon)

Jill Angel Chun
(Assistant Curator, Tai Kwun; Fine Arts alumni, HKU)
Michelle Wong (Guest Curator, “Portals, Stories, and Other Journeys”; PhD student in Art History, HKU)

Print Workshop: Experience Letterpress and Printmaking

Inspired by the exhibition “20/20 Hong Kong Print Art Exhibition” (open until 26 July 2021) at Hong Kong Heritage Museum, we are delighted to present an exclusive practical session on printmaking for our members and friends. Hong Kong Open Printshop offers us an incredible opportunity to meet their experts in a studio setting. They will demonstrate various printing techniques and guide participants how to use their printing tools properly. You will print and bring a postcard home at the end of the session!

Date: 17 July 2021 
Time: 14:30-16:00
Venue: Hong Kong Open Printshop, JCCAC

Medium: Cantonese

Fee: $100 (members); $200 (non-members)
Quota: 20 (members with priority)
Registration: required (coming soon)

As though we were in Finland– 

Virtual Tour: So long, thanks again for the fish!

This online session welcomes everyone to the exhibition “So long, thanks again for the fish 喂!拜拜你條尾 ” opening on 8 June 2021, at Levyhalli, Suomenlinna. It is the first group exhibition of Hong Kong artists in Finland which coincides with the inaugural Helsinki Biennale. The curator, Dr Yeewan Koon, is going to walk us through the exhibition (with the aid of a nice 360 camera and a selfie stick!) and talk to us about things that she has experienced behind the scene at the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Without enduring the mandatory quarantine and long flying hours, it is just a click to join this virtual tour.

Date: July 2021 (to be confirmed)
to be confirmed
Venue: Online

Medium: English

Fee: Free
Registration: required (to be announced)

Speaker: Dr. Yeewan Koon
Yeewan Koon is associate professor and Chair of the Department of Art History at the University of Hong Kong. As an art historian, she has published on a wide range of topics. She also works in the contemporary art field as a critic and curator. In 2014, she was guest curator of It Begins with Metamorphosis: Xu Bing at the Asia Society, Hong Kong Centre, and was one of the selected curators for the 12th Gwangju Biennale, 2018.

Online Talk

Biennales: Theatre(s) of Global Art?

Over the last 15 years many cities from Beijing to Colombo, Singapore to Sharjah have jumped on the biennale bandwagon. The Venice Biennale may have set a historical precedent for spectacular art events but what does the more recent proliferation of biennales tell us? Are biennales a new fashionable art trend or a sign of increased awareness of global art practice? Through a consideration of various locations in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, this talk will touch upon some of the key historical and contemporary examples of biennales and how they have impacted the global circuits of art from 1980 to the present.  

Date: 24 July 2021 
Time: 11am
Venue: to be confirmed, most likely to be both in person & online via zoom

Medium: English

Fee: Free
Registration: required (coming soon)

Speaker: Dr. Kathleen Wyma
Dr Wyma is visiting assistant professor
at the Department of Art History, The University of Hong Kong. She teaches courses on contemporary global, modern and South Asian art history, among which is FINE2090: Blockbusters, bonanzas, and biennales: contemporary art in the global age. Her research focuses on post 1945 Indian art, with a special interest in post colonialism and the impact of intercultural exchange in an increasing globalized art world.

Past Event

Online Talk: Knowing Botticelli

Date: 17 November 2020
Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Online (via Zoom)
Registration: required; free

This online talk aimed to complement the current exhibition “The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: Botticelli and His Times– Masterworks from the Uffizi” (open until 24 Feb 2021) at Hong Kong Museum of Art. Our speaker Dr Sim Hinman Wan, who teaches Italian Renaissance art and architecture at the Department of Art History, HKU, provided some contextual information for audience to further their understanding of Botticelli’s works on display. Wan’s talk covered famous works by this extraordinary Florentine artist and other pieces which were commissioned by the Medici family. There was an in depth discussion on the discourse of Botticelli as well.



“Congratulations on a very successful zoom talk with Dr Wan yesterday. I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot, so hopefully more prepared for my visit to the exhibition.”

/ Educational, Online Talk, Past Event

Day Trip to Zhongshan: Woodcarving

Date: Saturday 3 August, 2019
Time: 9:15am (gathering at China Ferry Terminal, Tsim Sham Tsui)
Registration: required, $550/ person (transportation and meals included)

This day trip to Zhongshan in China’s Guangdong province is a joint activity of HKUFAAA and Hong Kong Potential Expressionism Art Association 香港昊天藝術協會 (HKPEAA). The itinerary began with a morning ferry ride and upon arrival, a visit to Wan Fung Art Gallery 雲峰畫苑, where the group enjoyed a welcome lunch. Dr. Kwok Ho Mun 郭浩滿博士 gave a thorough tour at the gallery and later across town at the Museum of Chinese Architectural Woodcarving in the Ming-Qing Dynasties 明清建築家居木雕藝術館, the highlight of the day. On display in this museum was a full range of decorative wood-carved pieces, such as beams, corbels, windows, doors, and beds etc. Stunning in form, rich in contents, these artifacts of superb quality continued to overwhelm viewers from one chamber to another. After dinner, the group took an evening ferry back and ended this first trip of HKUFAAA outside Hong Kong.


“Thank you SO much for the wonderful trip! Really grateful!” — Elaine Kwok

“Thank you for arranging and the organization.” — Jeannie Wu

/ Educational, Museum Visit, Past Event

Exhibition Tour: “A Story of Light: Hon Chi-fun”

Date: Saturday 25 May, 2019
Venue: Asia Society Hong Kong Center

Registration: required; free

HKUFAAA organized a docent tour for the exhibition A Story of Light at Asia Society. Participants learnt about Hon Chi-fun’s five decades of artistic endeavours: from the City Hall silkscreen debut of 1968, to a fine selection of 1970s airbrush paintings, the experimental Polaroids, and his calligraphic paintings before and after his stroke in 2000. Meanwhile, there is a fascinating curatorial pairing of Yukaloo by James Turrell, which is his first ever installation in Hong Kong.


“Nicole, thanks for your informative and lively presentation which I enjoyed very much. If I were to visit the exhibition on my own, I would surely have misread the artist’s circle and light series as some sort of simple representation of the sun and moon. The background information you provided is really a great help! Thanks again!” —  Grace Wong (Graduate Member; HKU BA)

“Artworks from different stages of Hon are showcased; Alumni with various interests came together and explored. As titled, it’s A Story of Light, but this tour also addressed the story of life – both the artists’ and ours the viewers’. That the like-minded gets connected, icing on the cake, James Turrell.” — Charmaine Chan (Graduate Member; HKU BA)

Museum Visit: Tsz Shan Monastery Buddhist Art Museum

Date: Sunday 19 May, 2019
Time: 10:30am – 1pm
Venue: Tsz Shan Monastery Buddhist Art Museum
Registration: required, quota of 15; free

The Tsz Shan Monastery Buddhist Art Museum is designed for the display of Buddhist artifacts, the first of its kind in Hong Kong. With its recent opening, HKUFAAA arranged a special guided visit to this monastery for our alumni community, primarily focusing on the art museum collection.



“Thanks again for organizing. It’s a valuable experience, very much enjoyed it!” — Victoria Lau (Subscribing Member; HKU BSc)

“The trip to Tsz Shan Monastery is definitely a pleasant and eye-opening experience. I appreciate how the privately owned collection is put on public display for greater good. It also leads me to rethink about art patronage which was so important in art history but is now often overshadowed by the abandance of government-owned or non-profit institutions.” — Sumyi Li (Graduate Member; HKU BA)

“The docent [Jay Mok] adopted a lively approach in explaining particular iconography of the exhibits, enabling us to fully immerse ourselves… Overall, it is a very successful visit and a good start of the activities organised by the HKU Fine Arts Alumni Association. Looking forward to more exclusive visits and events and will definitely show my support as always!” — Elaine Wong (Graduate Member; HKU BA)

“My pleasure to welcome the Fine Arts Alumni Association last Sunday to the Buddhist Art Museum. Frankly the museum is just a little baby, and after the guided tour and occasional exchanges with the alumni, I feel there’s so much more we can achieve in the future.” — Jay Mok (Assistant to Museum Director, TSM Buddhist Art Museum; HKU BA)


Coming Face to Face: David Clarke


Date: Friday 15 March, 2019
Time: 6:30pm
Venue: MTRL Hong Kong, 10 New Street, Sheung Wan (
Registration: encouraged; free

HKUFAAA hosted its first public event on 15 March, 2019. It was an evening gathering with Prof. David Clarke, who said goodbye to his HKU colleagues and students at the DEXIT party two years ago. This gathering allowed alumni and friends to catch up with each other, and to celebrated the launch of Prof Clarke’s recent publication, entitled China—Art—Modernity: A Critical Introduction to Chinese Visual Expression from the Beginning of the Twentieth Century to the Present Day. Prof. Clarke as our honoured speaker explained the aim of this book project, the structure of his writing, and the vision that he has towards the field. Thanks to the support of HKU Press, we were able to offer a discount price of the book and participants happily brought home their own unique autographed copy.